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Address: Rua Kwamme N'krumah N.1, Luanda - Angola.    Reservation Line: +244 222 335 941

Other Services



Transport to and from the airport
( Request are done 24 hours in advance)

(consult reception)


Hire Car

Car hire with driver for the whole day

consult reception


  • Underwear, handkerchiefs, socks (consult reception)
  • Short sleeved shirt, shorts, bra (consult reception)
  • Pants, long sleeved shirt (consult reception)

Phone Calls

  • Local call/minute (consult reception)
  • Provincional call (consult reception)
  • minute International calls see list


Meeting Room

Meeting room rental per day

(consult reception)

Option to rent the yard

Our prices are without tax  
the tax is 10% of the invoice value  
Payment in kwanzas are done with foreign exchange rates of the day